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Providing great broadband packages for businesses at a great price.

Dedicated 24/7 UK - based customer support

We’re always here for you. Get expert advice and support when you need it, from our UK based support team.

Secure, reliable broadband that just works

We provide high quality, robust broadband connections your business can rely on.

Connect to the UK’s best business provider

Connect to the UK’s best business provider

Whether you’re offering Wi-Fi to your customers or dealing with the daily demands of the office, you need a connection that’s fast, reliable and won’t let you down. Trust us for business broadband that gives you more. Our Ultrafast speeds, unfailing full fibre and exceptional service are proven to take better care of business than the competition.

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Exclusive Business Benefits

24/7 specialist support

Our business specialists are available on the phone or online 24/7. We're here to help whenever you need it.

Supporting small businesses

If you run a small business we're here to support you with great value broadband packages at low prices every day of the year.

Static IP

Get an address that's unique to you, helping you manage email networks, CCTV and more.

What do you use your broadband connection for?

I want to do one or more of the following: provide public wifi for my guests or customers; set up digital payments and transactions; set up CCTV; make day-to-day admin and management easier.

Infinics offers the best broadband for your business:

• Set up seamless digital payment systems and transactions with broadband that works better, no matter the time of day.

• Stand out as the place where people connect. Keep existing customers happy and attract new ones with faster free wifi.

• When our service is great, yours will be too.

• Set up a more reliable CCTV system with a full fibre connection.

• We know things can change quickly in business. Avoid long-term commitments and get more flexibility with a choice of contract lengths.

Infinics offers the best broadband for your business:

• Outpace the competition and stay productive through even the busiest days with our incredible speeds.

• Build trust and your reputation with faster responses, speedier file sharing and crystal-clear video calls.

• Access tools and technologies – from cloud services to video conferencing – that can transform the way you do things.

• Don’t let poor service slow down productivity. Trust our award-winning customer service and dedicated business support team to take care of any issues fast.