Business Security and Protection

What Does Business Protection Do?

It avoids Business Crippling issues like Data Corruption, Ransomeware attacks and staff negligence

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Security and Protection is an issue for every business. Not paying attention to the security strategy of your business can put your company and systems at risk. There are many risks but some of the most common are:

  • Valuable data corruption or loss through viruses and malware
  • Ransomware attacks and cyber-attacks which can result in personal and business data theft and loss
  • Corrupt staff or staff negligence leading to important files being deleted, moved or lost

We offer a wide range of services and solutions to protect you against these potential damages.


Our Managed Anti-Virus solution focuses on delivering a high-performance endpoint malware prevention and management solution. With a powerful ability to scan and stop malware threats, Webroot is the efficient solution to today’s advanced threats and attacks.

Infinics provide a secure and sophisticated Managed Anti-Virus solution, which concentrates on keeping your systems protected and up-to-date. 

Ransomware and Advanced Malware Protection

Our Ransomware and Advanced Malware Protection is effective in detecting any attacks that an anti-virus would not be able to discover. It works with an anti-virus to add that extra layer of security and offer a defence against new 2nd generation attacks.

Infinics works behind the scenes without disrupting your business activities. Stay relaxed and let us mitigate the vulnerabilities you did not know existed.

Anti-Spam Email Protection

An Anti-Spam Email Protection solution helps to safeguard your email against spam, viruses and phishing attacks. We understand the importance of email within your business and so our solution will help you to avoid any potential email threats and attacks.

Our chosen solution works with your favourite email client and has a multi-layered encryption to ensure that no eavesdropping occurs. We use the best in technology to protect your email and systems against any online attacks.

Managed Online Backup

Managed Online Backup ensures that all your files and data are safe and protected during a potential disaster. A continuous backup schedule is important because it ensures security is always maintained for your data.

There are a range of different backup options: email, cloud, server and local file backups available to your business and you can choose the one that is most suitable to your company’s requirements.

Disaster Recovery

Our Disaster Recovery solution allows you to minimise your downtime in the event of a potential disaster. Our solution ensures that you experience very little lack of productivity and cost during the disaster and you can resume your business operations again with ease.

Disaster Recover is a flexible and secure option and we only use reliable datacentres with strong and resilient security features to safeguard your valuable business data.

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