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Managed Online Backup

Managed Online Backups

We monitor your backups regularly to ensure that your data is being backed up efficiently.

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It is difficult to operate without a Managed Online Backup, as your business information is critical, whether it involves: clients; vendors; employees; taxes; correspondence or anything else.

Unfortunately, there are a considerable number of companies who do not invest in a managed online backup.

Neglecting that essential task can make your business vulnerable to potential disasters, such as: natural disasters; staff negligence (staff deleting or losing important files) or dealing with criminals stealing and exploiting valuable company information.

Our Managed Online Backup Solutions offer:

  • Unlimited support
  • Security (Data is encrypted before it leaves your premises. 24×7 guarded data centre)
  • Backups at UK based data centres only
  • Scheduled or continuous protection for your business
  • Backup of all types of Servers and devices (Hyper-V, VMware, Windows Servers, PCs, Apple Macs)

Benefits of our Managed Online Backup?

Our Managed Online Backup has many benefits which include the following:

Streamlined restores

Bare Metal Restore (BMR) helps you streamline physical and virtual machine recoveries, eliminate configuration errors, and simplify physical-to-physical (P2P) and physical-to-virtual (P2V) recoveries. we offer three types of restores: BMR to like hardware, BMR to dissimilar hardware, and point-in-time restore.

Rapid recovery

Our Hyper-V Rapid Recovery and physical imaging solution is a local only backup that allows us to protect physical and virtual servers using the same web-based platform we use to back up the rest of your data. Backup and recovery options for Hyper-V and physical imaging allow us to address specific restore requirements, including import to Hyper-V, object-level restore, and fast RTO.

Downtime elimination

QuickSpin, our local disaster recovery tool for VMware, helps eliminate extended downtime and restore your VMware environments quickly. It provides real-time assessments for easy review and resolution. For smaller restores object-level restore (OLR) is also available.

Application-aware protection

Our SQL-native and Exchange-native data protection solutions offer automated, nondisruptive backups of SQL server and Exchange server instances; high-quality, application-aware protection.

  • Put your mind at ease - we monitor your backups regularly to ensure that your data is being backed up efficiently.
  • Security is heightened - backups are encrypted before they leave your business premises to guarantee robust security.
  • Flexible backup options - choose from email, cloud, server and local file backup options to suit your business needs.
  • No restrictions - we have no restrictions on the size or holding period of the files you choose to backup.
  • Scheduled to your timings - we will schedule backups to run when it is most appropriate for your business so it will not disrupt your company activities.

All Our Plans Include:

  • File and Folder Backup
  • SQL Server Backup
  • Exchange Backup
  • Local Recovery
  • Physical Imaging and BMR
  • Virtual Imaging
  • Hyper-V Replication
  • VMware Replication
15p per GB

  • Entry-level data protection
  • Unlimited Local Storage
  • Unlimited Devices

  • 10TB+ Cloud Storage
  • Unlimited Local Storage
  • Unlimited Devices