- Accept Card Payments Anywhere

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Sell in new ways

Square helps you to reach more customers, and accept payments in countless ways.

Accept every payment quickly, easily and securely. Whether you’re selling in person or online, Square can help you take all kinds of payments quickly and securely.

  • Insert - Easily accept your customer’s payment by inserting their chip and PIN cards into the Square Reader.
  • Tap - Customers can pay with a tap by using a contactless card or an Apple Pay or Google Pay enabled device with NFC technology.
  • Key In - Take keyed-in payments remotely on your mobile app or on your computer by manually entering customers’ card information.
  • Invoices - Request payment from customers with digital invoices. You can create, customise, and track these through the Invoices app, your browser, or Square Point of Sale.

Spend less time and money on your payments

  • Sign up easily and start taking payments with Square. No bank visits or merchant accounts required.
  • There aren’t any statement fees or any other small-type, weird-word fees. You pay only when you make a sale.
  • When payment disputes occur, our team of experts deals with the bank for you so you can focus on more important things, like your customers.
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Square for Restaurants

Square is a fully functional all-in-one POS system

A restaurant POS system built for speed. From menu management to coursing, every tool helps your team move faster.

  • Optimise floor plans to turn more tables.
  • Use conversational modifiers to speed up ordering.
  • Repeat a round of drinks in a few taps.
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Payment processing your way. Accept all types of payments quickly and securely, whether you’re tableside, behind the counter, online or on the go.

  • Next-day transfers, same rate across cards.
  • No refund fees, no chargeback fees.
  • End-to-end encryption, PCI compliant.
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Sync your system with restaurant management software including MarketMan, Xero, TapMango and Deputy. Learn More.

Square Hardware

Restaurant-grade stations, Square Terminal, stand kits, cash drawers, receipt printers, accessories and more

Which Square Reader is right for you?

  • Reader - A simple way to accept chip and PIN, contactless payments, Apple Pay, and Google Pay.
  • Terminal - An all-in-one card machine for payments and receipts.
  • Stand - Turn your iPad into a point of sale and take every kind of payment.

Reader is the perfect portable solution, as long as you have a phone and your Reader, you can accept payments on the go.

Terminal is a completely standalone device, operating on either battery or mains power. Terminal even prints receipts straight from the device!

Got an iPad that's just lying around doing nothing? Stand is perfect for you. Plug your iPad in and start taking payments!

Hardware starts from just £19 + VAT, with free delivery, and no subscription fees. Interest-free instalment plans are available for the Terminal and Stand models.

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