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Hosted Services

Access your work anywhere at anytime and on any device with our Hosted Services.

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Hosted computing is technology that stores all your documents and files online or 'into a hosted location'. The benefit of this is simple: you can access your work anytime, anywhere and communicate with your colleagues whether you're at the office or away from it.

Many businesses in the UK are moving to hosted computing because it offers uncomplicated and trouble-free access to a virtual office anywhere and anytime. It also reduces operating costs associated with management and maintenance of your own IT services.

Infinics offer a wide variety of effective hosted solutions to help move your business into the future.

Microsoft Office 365

As Microsoft Cloud Accelerate Partners, we provide businesses with Office 365 licenses. Office 365 is a popular hosted technology from Microsoft, which allows easy access to emails and seamless communication entirely online and anywhere where an internet connection is available.

Office 365 has a range of plans as well as separate add-ons that are tailored to suit businesses depending on their size, number of employees and software requirements.

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Expand your business with our enhanced Colocation service, which enables you to grow your IT infrastructure without hosting any physical servers at your business premises.

Investing in colocation can: save energy costs; uplift your level of security; provide stability during any potential office moves and guarantee internet connectivity up time.

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Hosted Telephony

Hosted telephony is a reliable, inexpensive solution for all businesses, which means that your phone system is hosted within the cloud instead of your business premises.

There's no onsite hardware to maintain and the move away from traditional telephony can help to future-proof your business against any changes occurring within the telecoms industry.

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Website Hosting, Design and Development

As well as providing excellent outsourced IT solutions, we also offer a website hosting, design and development service along with lead generation via SEO

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