Infinics - Should you get a standing desk?

Standing desks can be incredibly beneficial for a lot of people that work behind a desk and sit for majority of the day, I’ll help you decide if a standing desk is something that you need in your life

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What is a standing desk?

Well…. It’s in the name! A standing desk is basically a desk that allows you to work whilst standing, they are more popular amongst people who do computer work, like working on your laptop or desktop computer. Most people when they think of standing desks they imagine a height adjustable desk; those kinds of desks are either manual or powered mechanism that allows you to switch from sitting to standing making it more convenient depending what you feel like. If you would like to get started with standing desks, you could try a fixed height one as those tend to be more budget friendly. Both the fixed height and height adjustable desks are fantastic for those that are looking for a functional setup that will offer more modern aesthetic and flexibility.

Is standing good for you?

Main reason as to why people are choosing standing desks is so that they have more control over how much they stand during the day, and this is because standing has been proven to –

  1. Reduce pain in muscles/joints
  2. Reduce sedentary time
  3. Burning Calories

Reduce pain in muscles/joints - Such as shoulder, lower back or neck caused by spending too much time in a fixed posture.

Reduce sedentary time -  By using a standing desk you decrease the risk of cardiovascular disease, sedentary time has shown to increase those risks.

Burning Calories - Who wouldn’t like to lose calories while you’re working? Standing desk can impact how many calories you burn daily, standing burns more calories than sitting. It isn’t a big difference but all those small lifestyle changes add up! Height adjustable desk can also inspire you to live a more active lifestyle and encourage more movement

Best standing lengths?

Ergonomic experts recommend to be standing for about 5 to 15 minutes out of every hour when using a standing desk.

Out of a 8 hour work shift, you should be aiming for 2 hours of standing up.

So… Is a standing desk good for you?

Absolutely, especially benefiticial for people who work on computers for long hours daily. however to achieve the best results you should invest into a standing desk that has the ability to adjust height so that you can switch between sitting and standing.

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