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Redundancy and Resilience at the forefront of you mind? We support you using the latest in cloud-based infrastructure and SaaS

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With all the concerns over service disruption due to recent events, rest assured that the we at Infinics have redundancy and resilience at the forefront of our minds. We support you using the latest in cloud-based infrastructure and Software as A Service, so if you should experience disruption in your business, it won't be down to your IT. 

Read our day in the life of a home worker 

I start the journey to the office. It’s a short walk to the kitchen table where I start up my laptop PC, my headset, notepad and a coffee, then open my organisations VOIP application on my mobile, connect the headset and (in less than 5 minutes) I’m ready to go. 

The emails come flooding in, the first one I open needs me to check their file, I open our cloud storage and quickly get to work. File checked and customer answered I'm onto the next, this one needs a phone call; The call quality of my headset is excellent, so talking to my customers is just like doing so from the office, except I can do it in more comfortable clothing (pyjamas). I help the client navigate our online portal and resolve their issue. 

11am is our daily meeting, everyone is working from home so we hold a video call where everyone can chip in. (I put a jumper on over my pj’s) 

And breathe, I’ve got a full hour to put the washing on, make myself some lunch, walk the dog and unload the washing machine! 

Back to it this afternoon, and we are all planning the next team social on our instant messaging platform. 

The afternoon went quickly, my inbox is almost clear, now for the long journey home... and to get out of the work clothes. 

Here’s how:

Hosted Desktop:

With this service you can have your desktop wherever you are on any device you own. Yes, that’s right everything everywhere all looking the same. Your data looking exactly the same on any device. The latest version of Microsoft Office, your e-mail on every device. Fully backed up to the cloud and accessible on almost any device. All this for less than a cup of coffee a day.


It’s all very well having your e-mail available on your phone, but can you see your sent items, contacts and Calendar? E-mail is like a jigsaw there are many pieces of information that can be scattered around. It’s not until you put the pieces all in the same place that the picture appears. By using Online Exchange (Office 365) you can have your cake and eat it.

E-mail is one of the most important tools that businesses use. Don’t run the risk of missing that important e-mail just because you’re out of the office or onsite with another customer.

Online File Access:

Using Infinics cloud we not only make sure your PC’s and Servers are backed up but also that you have access to them in a web browser being able to view them and edit them on almost any device. With our Briefcase option you too can have your files on all devices and synchronised locally on PC’s and Macs to give you offline access to essential documentation you need whilst out and about.


Voice over IP. In this modern era although we can converse via the internet using e-mail and text. It is always nice to hear the other person, have a discussion and get business done. VOIP telephony has come a long way over the last few years. With the latest technology we can make and receive calls just by taking our phone wherever we go and plugging it into an internet connection. By doing this you can call your clients displaying your office number and using your free call allowance you have already paid for. There are many packages for phones to include unlimited calls and cheap overseas calls.

Remote Access:

Sometimes the cloud can be a daunting thought you may just need access a bespoke application or service running only on your Desktop in the office. Here we can create a VPN. A VPN is a Virtual Private Network. Joining your remote device to your corporate network enabling you to connect to your office resources.

These are just a few ways that Infinics can help your business run as usual. Give us a ring today to find out what your options are.

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