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Gamification is the perfect way to reach objectives and complete tasks, so don't leave it out of your business.

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"Gamification is the application of game-design elements and game principles in non-game contexts"

Gamification is a useful tool, used in all matter of subjects, from education to health to marketing, though it's often left out of most workplaces. Some say that its hard to find a way to gamify work, and often fail at attempts to gamify, by going back to statistics, spreadsheets, and other information that couldn't be further from gamification!

The best form of gamification relies on points based systems, simply earned for completing tasks that employees are expected to do in their role. These points should count toward something, whether its physical rewards, extra annual leave days, or even a simple financial bonus. You'll find that employees don't go out of their way for a chance at 'employee of the month' so much as something tangible, as the egoboo won't last, but the experience from earning extra time off to spend with family will be treasured.

InfinicsERP has a built in 'energy points' system, whereby employees can earn points from completing tasks, and 'review points', which can be credited by managers. The energy points are counted up and distributed in a newsletter weekly by default, and show the current 'leaderboard'. There are some default energy point rules, which credit employees points for closing leads, creating opportunities, etc. and you can create your own custom energy point rules, to shape the direction you want your staff to take when using the ERP.

Given that an ERP should be the beating heart of your business, all employees should be able to act and contribute, earning themselves points. This also works to bring the company together as a whole, with a friendly competition, and brings us away from departmentally confined reward systems. If the whole company can compete, it becomes something to chat about, and creates relationships between staff, in the similar way to a team building exercise.

There has been criticism of the use of gamification. Some say that an artificial sense of achievement is created, but used correctly, both you and your staff benefit from the effects. Not only do you see your employees striving to complete their work, but they're happy to do so, because of the benefits they can receive for reaching their goals. Gamification helps you to get an overview staff performance, and reward staff that are excelling, where you may not have noticed it previously. We're strong believers that if your staff are happy, you will be to.

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