Managed Anti-Virus

Why use Infinics?

Infinics managed antivirus stops malware and zero-day threats at the moment of infection

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Conventional antivirus protection is struggling to keep up with today’s threats and attacks. It slows down machines and users and is complex and resource-intensive.

With the almost limitless processing power of cloud computing, Infinics Managed Anti-Virus effectively stops malware and zero-day threats at the moment of infection. The unique, next-generation Infinics approach to malware prevention is more effective and accountable than any conventional antivirus.

You no longer need to rely on an out-dated detection model that is easily overwhelmed by today’s malware. Traditional antivirus presents the hassle of ensuring every endpoint has the latest update. Infinics Managed Anti-Virus communicates with the cloud, which means there are no definition or signature updates to deploy and manage. As malware detection occurs continuously in real time, performance issues fade away.

Scheduled systems scans are normally around 30 seconds and never impact device performance. Virtual desktop and server environments, plus many embedded operating systems, also see improved performance.

Some benefits of Infinics Cybersecurity and Anti-virus:

  • Never Slows System Performance - initial full system scan uses very little RAM and scheduled scans can take less than 30 seconds.
  • Always Protected and Up-to-date - all users are instantly and collectively protected against new threats and we schedule daily scans that run behind the scenes so they do not interrupt your business operations.
  • Stay Protected - Infinics blocks access to known phishing sites and malicious domains keeping you protected against any potential threats.
  • A Sophisticated Firewall - manages and monitors all outbound traffic to protect against 'phone-home' threats and ensures that only policy-approved applications communicate with the network.

Virtualization, Terminal Server & Citrix Support

In addition to supporting Windows PC environments, Infinics also supports: Windows Server, Virtualization, Terminal Server and Citrix environments.

Our Managed Anti-Virus solution combines skilled IT resources with a proactive approach to protect your devices against the ever-present threat of viruses, spam and malware attacks.